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The Digital Deploy workflow in 8 easy steps

Device Lifecycle Management is easy.

Lifecycle Management workflow
Inventory check

1. Inventory check

All your employees are asked electronically what devices they own. This allows the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to be easily brought up to date.

Device selection

2. Device Selection

Employees are sent an email invitation asking them to select their own devices and accessories from a web portal. The options are predetermined by your organisation. Requesting, approving, ordering and planning are handled fully automatically by Digital Deploy. This saves the IT department a lot of time and helps prevent errors. Letting employees make their own choices stimulates their engagement and productivity.

Planning & Delivery

3. Planning & Delivery

 After selecting their device, the user chooses when and where their new device will be delivered. They are even given the option of home delivery. This means the device can be delivered to the user’s home. There’s also an option to return old equipment by handing this back to the delivery man straight away.

Issue & Return

4. Issue & Return

New devices are individually configured for each employee and supplied ready for immediate use. Therefore, IT support is no longer required prior to commissioning. The data from old, returned devices is securely deleted. Any certificates, serial numbers, potential residual value and digitally signed loan and return agreements are registered in Digital Deploy. This guarantees security and compliance.

Device Management

5. Device Management

 Digital Deploy arranges and manages everything efficiently. This allows you to maintain oversight and control at all times. You can see where devices are, who is using them and what their status is. The issue and return of devices and their repair and exchanges are all meticulously registered. Digital Deploy can also send users notifications of potential malfunctions. All this automation controls the life cycle of devices and reduces the risk of data breaches and increases continuity.

Digital Kiosk

6. Digital Kiosk

Additional accessories are sometimes required, such as bags, charging cables, mouses, or headsets. Employees can use a work login to order these from a web portal where a selected range awaits them. The accessories they select are subsequently delivered to the address of their choice.


7. Reporting

 As Digital Deploy’s records everything digitally, the IT department knows the exact status, user and location of all devices. Matters like repair time and the progress of the roll-out of new devices are always clear and transparent, allowing you to make adjustments in good time. Digital Deploy also helps maintain an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB). As a result, IT always knows exactly which devices are in circulation, which are in stock or repair and which have been withdrawn. Serial numbers, return names, loan agreements – it’s all there.

Customer Satisfaction

8. Customer Satisfaction

Digital Deploy’s efficient workflow ensures that work is carried out in a structured, accurate way. To optimise this even more, it also measures user satisfaction with the services it provides. This feedback is then used to improve the processes which helps to increase user satisfaction even more.

More information

The Digital Deploy workflow makes lifecycle management easy. It helps prevent data breaches, optimises compliance, supports employees from A to Z and takes a huge amount of work off IT’s hands. All you need to know about Digital Deploy can be found in our flyer, available for free.

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