Introducing Digital Deploy

Get a grip on the complete life cycle of devices with smart software

The easy solution for Device Lifecycle Management. A smart digital project manager for the entire lifecycle of end user devices.

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Better and more efficient

In this time of staff shortages and hybrid work, pressure is growing on IT departments. In addition, there are ever more devices and it’s complicated to gain insight and control over them. Digital Deploy ensures that this is a thing of the past.

This smart life cycle management software supports and registers the full life cycle of laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Full control and insight over
the lifecycle of devices

Power better user

Significantly relieves
IT’s workload

First class data safety
and compliance

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From purchase and commissioning to maintenance and disposal. Digital Deploy helps prevent data breaches, optimises compliance, supports employees from A to Z and takes a huge amount of work off IT’s hands.

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Want to see how easy Device Lifecycle Management can be?

Our demo takes you through each of the eight steps of Device Deployment. Complete self service for end users, while your IT department remains in control.

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