Device Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management done right!

Manage all your devices. Our smart Lifecycle Management solution gives you complete control and insights over all your end-user devices.

It is our mission to provide you with the most comprehensive lifecycle management that frees you from the burden of asset administration, eliminates unpleasant surprises, and makes tracking and reporting all your IT-assets effortless.


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In practice, we see that in many organisations, a percentage of devices remains uncontrolled in employees’ homes or in a closet at work. This not only poses a significant risk of data breaches but also leads to unnecessary purchases of new laptops.

With Digital Deploy, you are always and completely in control of the lifecycle of all your devices. You can see exactly which devices are in use and by whom, whether they are in repair or in your inventory. This prevents data breaches from devices lying around and the unnecessary purchase of new devices. A sustainable move in this time of circular IT and scarce resources.



  • Always in control of all IT devices
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches
  • Prevent unnecessary equipment purchases


The global demand for IT devices such as laptops continues to increase. Many companies still replace their laptops after 4 years, for example. But what if you could use your devices for longer than the standard 4 years?

With Digital Deploy, the actual use of devices (utilisation grade) is continuously monitored in a data-driven way. This gives you a clear insight into whether the laptop really needs to be replaced after 4 years or if it can still be used for a while. In practice, it turns out that extending the use from 4 to 6 or even 8 years is not a problem for many IT devices. This way, you save significantly on your CO2 footprint and IT waste and it is also more cost-effective.



  • Lower CO2 emissions due to longer use
  • Less IT waste
  • Lower costs due to longer depreciation period


A hardware malfunction always comes at an inconvenient time. It disrupts your users’ work and productivity. Therefore, prevention is better than repair.

Digital Deploy continuously monitors the status of your IT devices. Upcoming disruptions are detected at an early stage. This allows you to take action before a possible device failure and outage occurs. This results in higher productivity, lower IT costs, and a better user experience.



  • Focus on preventing device failures instead of repairing them
  • Quickly identify common problems
  • Increase the continuity and use of devices

Empower your team: Give them a choice

Employees are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. By allowing them to choose between a new or a circular laptop, you increase their engagement and show that you are taking into account the wishes of your employees.

Whether you offer employees new or circular devices doesn’t matter to Digital Deploy. The entire lifecycle of these devices, just like new ones, is meticulously tracked from the moment of user selection and deployment to the end of the device’s lifecycle.



  • Circular equipment is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment
  • Adopting circular equipment is eco-friendly and contributes to minimising the generation of e-waste
  • Offering choices between new or refurbished devices will increase employee engagement