Case Study

Issue & Return of 4,000 notebooks

Digital Deploy helped a Dutch bank with notebook replacement after depreciation. All their preferences were captured in the tool, after which scenarios and processes ran automatically and efficiently.


Company size: 1,000 – 5,000 employees
Date: 2020

For a large bank, based in the Netherlands, Digital Deploy was used for the issue& return of 4,000 notebooks. From scheduling appointments to device choice and CMDB updating, Digital Deploy took care of it all, reducing the workload of the IT department greatly.

Without Digital Deploy

Notebook replacement starts with scheduling appointments with employees for exchanges. Traditionally, all that emailing and calling around takes a lot of time. Then comes handover, administering for receipt, accepting old administering in CMDB, temporarily storing the old device and arranging the financial settlement. All in all, a lot of paperwork, hassle and high risk of dissatisfied users.

Disadvantages of this traditional way of working:

  • Manual appoitnment scheduling.
  • Manual processing of approx. 40% mutations.
  • Manually complete/proces 4,000 order forms.
  • Manually updating CMDB.
  • Temporary storage soon becomes structural (forgotten equipment).
  • No insight into progress.
  • No insight into actual time spent.
  • End-user satisfaction unknown.
  • Long lead time.
Issue & Return on 4,000 notebooks

With Digital Deploy

Digital Deploy works faster, more efficient, transparant and customer-friendly.

  • IT manager selects, validates and orders new notebooks online from a range that complies with previously entered business rules.
  • IT manager selects desired image per department.
  • End users receive an email invitation to order a new notebook in their personal environment to select a new notebook. Of course from the validated models appropriate to their function; if allowed, including accessories.
  • On selection, the corresponding image is immediately selected as defined in the business rules. For as far as not already known, end users report which type of notebook they hand in. This means the return value is known straight away and can be settled in the system.
  • As soon as notebooks arrive, users will receive an email to schedule an appointment in their personal schedule for delivery and collection of old equipment.
  • At the agreed date and time, an on-site support employee hands over the ordered laptop, equipped with the correct tag and image (if possible via domain name server) to the user.
  • Immediate registration of collection and any damage plus administrative processing.
  • Automatic invoicing of the new notebook minus residual value of returned device.
  • The CMDB or any other IT asset management is updated automatically via a link.
  • Digital Deploy automatically sends evaluation emails to end users about customer satisfaction.

“Digital Deploy provided us with continuous insights on our issue & return project. That way, our IT department remains in control without having to deal with any paperwork themselves. It made everything very easy.”

IT Manager

Benefits of Digital Deploy


  • Faster, easier and more efficient.
  • Without extra effort, end users have more device choices.
  • Time savings approx. 5 hours per notebook = 20,000 hours. IT department does not get to see any devices, or any end-user questions/complaints. Continuous insight into current status, adjustments on the fly.
  • CMDB automatically updated.
  • Lower TCO, more options within budget. One invoice per month for all work and equipment.

End users

  • Greater convenience and higher engagement through self-service.
  • Optimal support of customer journey.

The results

With the use of Digital Deploy, this company has saved itself a lot of time on this issue & return project. The IT department can now focus on their important work. 


Time saved on project


User satisfaction

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