Case Study

Storage replacement on 3,000 notebooks

Digital Deploy helped a large bank from the Netherlands swap storage on 3,000 notebooks in no time. End users were provided with an upgraded notebook within five minutes. With the help of Digital Deploy of course. 


Compay size: 1,000 – 5,000 employees
Date: 2020

Without buying new notebooks, 3,000 employees of a large Dutch bank got an upgrade, in the form of new storage disks. Digital Deploy planned maintenance on these 3,000 notebooks, from scheduling appointments, to registration of no shows and sending out reminders.

Without Digital Deploy

For storage replacement in 3,000 notebooks of employees, a weekend swap is obvious. The disadvantage is that employees first have to return their notebook and pick them up again after the weekend. Replacement on walk-in without an appointment is also not convenient. One moment a queue forms, the next moment there is no one there. This way, this is a time-consuming and cumbersome operation.

Disadvantages of this traditional way of working:

  • Estimated turnaround time: 560 hours
  • No insight into required number of storages
  • No insight into progress
  • No insight into actual time spent
  • Manual appointment scheduling, at least 40% mutations
  • End-user satisfaction unknown
Storage replacement on 3,000 notebooks

With Digital Deploy

Digital Deploy works faster, more efficient, transparant and customer-friendly.

  • 3,000 employees will receive an invitation by email to schedule an appointment in the tool. They reserve a date/time for 5-minute storage replacement. Or report that their notebook is already adequate and they therefore are not interested in an upgrade.
  • The project manager now knows exactly how much storage to order and who appears when and where.
  • Capacity of IT staff is now perfectly aligned to the scheduled appointments.
  • End users automatically receive reminder emails of their appointment.
  • End users arrive at agreed time for replacement and are gone within 5 minutes with their upgraded notebook, without queueing.
  • Digital Deploy records who did and who did not show up (progress visible 24/7).
  • Non-attended employees automatically receive a reminder e-mail to schedule new appointment on the catch-up days. The tool registers, IT staff know who is coming when.
  • Management reporting reveals the percentage of end users were not served and why (no show / no storage required).
  • Digital Deploy automatically sends evaluation emails for customer satisfaction.

“Digital Deploy is easy to use. 73% of our end users had scheduled an appointment within two weeks. They could hand in their old notebook and pick up a new one when it suited them best, without endless planning or waiting.”

IT Manager

Benefits of Digital Deploy

IT department

  • Within 14 days 2,200 of 3,000 appointments scheduled.
  • Efficiently accommodating around 40% mutations (different time, no-show, etc.)
  • Continuous insight into current status.
  • Insight into lead time, end-user satisfaction
  • Number of no shows minimal.
  • 340 hours of time saved.

End users

  • Greater convenience and higher engagement by scheduling themselves.
  • Ready in 5 minutes, without queueing.
  • Optimal support of customer journey.

The results

With the use of Digital Deploy, this company has saved itself a lot of time. The IT department can now focus on their important work. 


time saved on planning


time saved on replacing memory disks


Total time saved on project

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